Cabot® Crystal Clear Waterproofing

  • Water-based
  • Unique silicone formula
  • Ideal for wood, brick and concrete


Cabot Waterproofing is an advanced-technology silicone sealer that provides unsurpassed waterproofing protection to a multitude of surfaces. This convenient and simple-to-use formulation penetrates and fills the pores of the substrate with a premium-grade silicone sealer, and unlike waxes, silicone will impart a lasting repellency to any surface to which it is applied.


100-250 square feet per gallon (2.5-6.2 m²/L). Rates will vary depending on porosity of the surface.

Where to Use

Cabot Waterproofing is for application to wood, concrete, brick, masonry and a wide-variety of porous substrates including brick, stone and unglazed tile. It is ideal for new or properly reconditioned decks, fences, siding, shingles, shakes and logs.

Preparing Your Surfaces

All surfaces should be clean, porous and free of any previous finishes. To test for porosity, apply a few drops of water to the substrate. The surface is ideal for application if water can be quickly absorbed into the substrate. Use Cabot Problem-Solver® Wood Cleaner in order to remove dirt, mildew stains, algae stains and other foreign matter. Use Cabot Problem-Solver Wood Brightener to easily remove extractive bleeding as well as nail and metal rust stains. Cabot Problem-Solver Wood Strippers can be used to remove coatings from surfaces to be treated. Masonry, brick, stone, clay tile and concrete patio surfaces must be clean and free of surface contaminants. New masonry, stucco and concrete must be cured for a minimum of 30 days. To ensure desired appearance, always apply to a small test area and allow to dry before continuing with entire project.


Shake container thoroughly before using. Apply liberally and evenly using a low-pressure sprayer, nylon or synthetic brush, roller, or by dipping. A low-pressure sprayer is a simple and easy method to apply this product. When using a sprayer, be sure to backbrush or roll immediately after spraying to ensure a uniform application and color distribution.