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  • Outstanding comfort & dexterity
  • Level 3 cut resistance
  • Superior grip
  • Fatigue reducing compression fit
  • PRIMOFLEXTM – Ultra high dexterity and comfort for prolonged work periods. Uses stretchy knit spandex and composite fiber technology. Highest level 5 dexterity for ultimate flexibility and fit.
  • GRIPMAXTM – For extra hand strength and grip when working with oily and lubricated objects. Uses proprietary polymer technology and performance boosting fibers. 400% improved grip versus the bare hand when working with oily and lubricated objects.
  • BISTRATATM – Boosts performance to a higher level of dexterity, flexibility and cut resistance. Uses layered knitting technology for the highest level 5 dexterity.
  • SCUTA3TM – For medium duty work where nicks or scratches may occur. Uses ultra high molecular weight fibers that are 12x stronger than steel. Level 3 cut resistance.