Task AR5 Pro Work Gloves



  • Abrasion protection that is too comfortable to be this indestructible, while providing maximum grip on dry, oily, or wet surfaces
  • CE Level 5 Abrasion Resistance
  • CE Level 3 Cut Resistance
  • NEVERSLIPTM Technology – Proprietary polymer technology provides better grip in all conditions. It reduces hand fatigue and improves grip by an extra 60% vs your bare hands
  • ABRASIOTM Specially engineered abrasion resistant fibres and knit patter. Up to 12x more durable than leather work gloves when handling abrasive objects, such a masonry
  • SCUTATM Specially engineered cut resistant fibres and knit pattern. Cut resistance up to level five using EN 388 standard
  • Glove coating contains no latex, no rubber, and no nitrile ingredients that are associated with allergic reactions according to OSHA Bulletin SHIB 012808. CE EN 388: 4542