Koltech Single Hung

Beautiful and practical, the Supreme Single Hung window is crafted by Kohltech to be one of the finest windows in its class. It’s loaded with standard features like perimeter weather-stripping, security night lock, cam operated lock, and a stainless steel coil spring balance system. The Supreme Single Hung is the right choice for performance and quality.

NAFS Rating: NFRC/Energy Star: NFRC AAMA/WDMA/CSA/I.S.2-/A440-08: LC-PG65-H (size tested: 44×78″)

Practical, attractive, efficient – Select Single Hung windows are a superior choice for any home. Crafted with the same level of engineering that goes into every Kohltech window, the Select Single Hung offers standard features like cam operated locks, recess tilt latches and versatile sash hardware that makes cleaning a breeze. And all Select windows include high-performance perimeter weather-stripping and standard warm edge spacer construction for increased heat retention.

NAFS Rating: NFRC/Energy Star: NFRC AAMA/WDMA/CSA/I.S.2-/A440-08: LC-PG50-H (size tested: 44×78″)


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