Regal Ideas – Quick Step complete stair system

Regal ideas offers a complete easy to install Stair System, from designer stair stringers to stair treads and connector kits.

Easy to install stair system
Complete your Quickstep outdoor stairs in half the time it would take you to cut traditional wood stair stringers.
Over 4400 lbs of weight capacity achieved per step, at 36″ spacing, when the QuickStep system components are used together.
Aluminum Stair Stringers are available from 1 to 9 step tread increments
Eliminate the need for a landing with Regal ideas stair stringer Connector Kit
QuickStep stair treads are flameproof and waterproof and will not twist, expand or shrink.
Finish off your stair system with Regal ideas continous, graspable stair rail and in-line stair post
Meets and exceeds Building Code specifications in U.S. and Canada

Install instructions click here Regal Ideas