Stabila Type R300 R-Beam Levels

Strong, twist resistant frame that has the profile/shape of the letter R.
Wide measuring surface for great stability or grip on the work – no tipping over during the cabinet installation process etc.
Three precision uninterrupted marking, cutting and tracing edges over the full length of the frame.
The frame fits in the hand like the handrail on your stairs. The whole length of the level is a continuous hand rail.
Coated measuring surfaces protect delicate surfaces.
Continuous bridge over the horizontal vial increases the strength of the frame and allows you to make uninterrupted pencil lines.
Rubber end caps engage the wall when making lines so the level does not slide and leave marks.
Shock-absorbing rubber end caps – perform like an Airbag in your car protecting the frame when the level falls or is dropped.
The end caps can be removed so you can carry pencil lines tight into corners.
The R profile shape is smooth like a car fender. It’s easy to clean.

Length UPC Barcode Cat. #
24 in 089634410249 41024
32 in 089634410324 41032
48 in 089634410485 41048
72 in 089634410720 41072
78 in 089634410782 41078
96 in 089634410966 41096

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