Steel Framing Product Information

Steel will not rot, shrink, split, warp or provide a source for mold, bacteria or insects, and it is fully recyclable and non-combustible. An added benefit of steel is that it has the highest strength to weight ratio of all structural building materials, in addition to being a structural substitute for both dimensional lumber and reinforced concrete building applications.


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Bailey’s drywall framing systems are easy to handle, economical, non-combustible, high quality alternate to more traditional framing materials such as wood. Non-load bearing steel framing includes: steel studs and track.


The CT Shaftwall System provides fully tested and approved assemblies for shaftwall construction.


Metal Bead, Trim and Vinyl Bead



New Products

Pony wall

This system is intended to support out-of-plane loading of cantilevered partial wall systems that are unsupported at the top track.  Out-of-plane loads are transferred to the floor system through the base-plate, which is welded to the Pony Wall stud member.

Bent Tab Stud

Bridging Channel System is a new innovative and patented steel stud that eliminates the need for traditional bridging clips and reduces on-site material and labour costs.

Red Header Pro

Eliminates the labour intensive and expensive field assembly of rough opening components using standard wall framing members.

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