Trusscore Trims

Trims add the perfect touch to any project by providing a functional and distinctive design element—bringing your project to life. Trusscore provides a comprehensive assortment of trims to meet all your project needs.

At Trusscore, ease of installation is one of our core principles; that’s why we’ve added snap-in trims to our trim portfolio. Snap-in trims make installation a breeze for do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike by making the process quicker and easier. Before you start your next project, familiarize yourself with the Trusscore trim options available, and make your project clean, beautiful, and secure.


45° H Channel is perfect for instances where two walls come together at an angle, allowing installers to adequately cover the transition between panel

F trim is designed for specialized Wall&CeilingBoard applications that include soffit or bulkheads.  For RibCore, it will complete your corners.

Base Trim, is a transition trim that can be used to address the transition between wall panels and a concrete floor of a room.

Outside corners are a standard for any wall installation.These tried-and-true trims neatly complete any wall.

Rounded outside corners are designed to form smooth, bullnosed outside corners for applications that require a softer touch.

Our cove style inside corner is a clean and stylish option to complete the inside corners on your project.

The H Channel Trim is designed to safely accommodate any panel expansion or contraction in a safe way that preserves the beauty of your project.

J Trim is our most versatile trim. It’s used with multiple products and can be used in a variety of applications.


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