FibaFuse Drywall Joint Tape – Fibreglass Mesh – 2 1/6-in x 250-ft

FibaFuse™ is easy to work with.
Designed for professional renovators and remodelers, FibaFuse is a mold-resistant glass mat drywall tape that is ideal for high-humidity and moisture-prone applications.
FibaFuse is easy to cut and designed to retain its folds, making it efficient to install by hand on joints and in
corners. Super tapers, banjos and automatic tapers also work well in applying FibaFuse and compound to seams.
FibaFuse is porous, allowing the joint compound to become part of the tape for a stronger bond and reducing the possibility of loose tape and air bubbles.
I FibaFuse™ is a superior option to paper tape for demanding applications.
FibaFuse is mold resistant.
Testing concludes that FibaFuse scores a perfect “10” rating on ASTM D3273 mold test.
FibaFuse is lighter than paper tape.
A 500′ roll of FibaFuse is 62% lighter than an equivalent roll of paper tape.
FibaFuse is stronger than paper tape.
24 hours after applying a second coat of compound, FibaFuse’s crack strength is 76% stronger than paper tape.

Available in:

2 1/6-in x 75, 250 or 500ft roll

6in x 75 ft roll

3ft x 150ft roll (special order)


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